Anthargange Trek – An experience beyond awesomeness

December 28, 2017

Bangalore has a lot to offer when it comes to touring. Not only for weekend tours but also for one-day trips. A day at the office can be hectic and you need a break occasionally.


There are many places like Nandi Hills, Ramanagara, Savanadurga and Anthargange.


In this post let’s see what are the things to do in Anthargange. I recently had the chance to visit this amazing place. So here are the details.




Located in Kolar district Anthargange can be roughly translated as the Ganges of the South. It is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. There is a continuous flow of water from the mouth of Basava (bull).


The source of the water is still unknown. It is said to have medicinal properties and you will see a lot of devotees carrying the water in containers. It is believed that the rocks are formed by volcanic eruptions.


However, the region is not known to have any active or dormant volcanos in its proximity.


This makes it plausible that the rocks are formed when India drifted away from Gondwanaland. Now if that is in any way true, then man, this could be some 130 Million years old!


Now that’s enough about the history of the place, let’s see what’s more this place has to offer.


All about Anthargange:


If you are a victim of Bangalore’s traffic you will agree with me on this! Start early to enjoy the ride, vacant roads and the pleasure of seeing the rising sun from the peak of Anthargange hills.


The roads to Kolar and well maintained and you will be enjoying vrooming your bike at the speed of 100-120 Km/hr.


However, don’t get astonished if you see other bikers challenging you on the roads for a race. My suggestion would be not to get carried away and keep your safety in mind before doing any such thing.


Once you reach Kolar, the hills are some 4 km away from the main road.


Once you park your vehicle you will be welcomed by monkeys. Don’t try to tease them lest they attack you. It’s always good to respect their privacy. If they try to intimidate you stay calm and don’t react. They are only monkeys, not lions!


As the area is also a protected biodiversity park make sure not to pollute the place with plastic waste. The gate of Anthargange starts with a temple. There is a flight of 200 steps that would take you to the temple complex.


This is the source of Anthargange. The mysterious source of the water is believed to be somewhere beneath the rocks.


Once you have reached the temple walk for 2 minutes and you will reach the starting point of the trek. There are rock carved steps and small passages through shrubs and bushes that will take you to the peak.


The view of the Kolar town en-route to the peak is just awesome. It will remind you of the once sought-after place in India. The gold mines are depleted and now stands a town that has only the rich heritage to give to the travelers.


The climb is of moderate difficulty and after 45 minutes trek, you will be welcomed by the villagers who live in the 7 villages atop the hill. You can have some refreshments like coconut water, chips or biscuits.


Once you reach the top you can see a valley and the sunrise from this spot is mesmerizing. Take help from the locals to explore the caves as the entry to some caves are very narrow.


But inside the caves, the experience is truly exhilarating. Some of the trekkers also stop here for a night stay and enjoy the starry nights by living in camps.


Closing Note:


Apart from the trek, there are also some temples in the proximity of Anthargange. They are medieval temples built by rulers who once ruled Kolar.


One such temple is Someshwara temple. Built in the 14th century, this temple has the influence of Chinese and Vijayanagara architecture. An archaeological heritage site, this place is a must visit place.


You will appreciate the beauty of the inscriptions of this temple that are so intricate. It reflects the beauty and skill of the stone masons of the time.


Just imagine how it must have looked at the peak of the Chola and Chalukya kings who once ruled this place.


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