Be a Local in Mysore | 5 Must-Do’s

December 28, 2017


If you want to be called a local instead of a tourist, do these 5 things in the town and learn about its history in no time.

#1 Mysore Palace

The very first inadvertent thing you’ll end up doing in Mysore is visiting the Mysore Palace. It’s right smack in the middle of the city and it calls to everyone who passes by. The sheer beauty of its exteriors resonates with its interiors, unlike any other palace.

If you visit the palace after sunset, you will be both happy and disappointed at the same time. The reason being simple that entry inside the palace closes at 6 pm. The good news is that the palace lights up like a giant meteor after dark and sometimes they even display a light show for the gathering during season time!


#2 Devaraja Market

For everything related to the locals, visit the Devaraja market in Mysore’s heart. From beautiful hand-crafted decorative pieces to rare flowers, this bustling market is the ultimate place to buy organic things. Even if you’re just visiting for a day, visit this market to truly experience the lives of a Mysore resident!

This market’s energy is off the charts early in the morning so if you can get out of bed early, it would be rewarding. Trust us, this market has more than just vegetables to buy; you can have breakfast here too! The history behind this market also dates back to the times of King Wodeyar in 1868. Ready to step back into the future?


#3 Malgudi Cafe

Malgudi Cafe is an age-old cafe that not only reeks of nostalgia but also an irresistible aroma as you walk by! As a part of The Green Hotel, you can expect to find some real South Indian food which will make you feel alive again.

Their homemade cakes and sandwiches are so rich in taste that you would feel like packing some for home and live on it forever! Don’t forget to try their freshly brewed coffee either – it tastes like heaven.


#4 Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills is not exactly located in the center of Mysore but you have now found an excuse to escape the city’s concrete jungle. Offering a picturesque view of Mysore city, the summit of Chamundi hills is the perfect spot to open a picnic basket for 4.

You would be surprised to know that Chamundi hills are home to the famous Chamundeshwari Temple that was renovated in 1827! Also, on the way to the summit, you will come across The Bull Temple so that’s two temples along one journey which are sufficient to learn about Mysore’s history.


#5 Mysore Zoo

Who doesn’t like the zoo? Mysore’s largest catchment area covering almost 157 acres next to the palace is home to a wide range of exotic flora and fauna. Officially opened in 1892 and initially called the Palace Zoo, it was opened to the public in 1902.

The crowd is uncontrollable during the holiday season and especially during Dussehra so do plan accordingly! We advise you to visit during the off-season as you can observe the animals up close and way better.


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