Day before the Wayanad Trip

September 7, 2017

Thursday Morning started of like any other working day. The alarm was ringing continuously. Finally, I turned off the alarm and sat up on my bed. Saw the time and I was like SHIT!!! Now I became “The Flash” or "Superman". Was flying around in the room and then finally after 20 minutes I was ready for office. Now I remembered that tomorrow we were going to Wayanad for a bloggers meet with Wandertrails, a startup in Bangalore which focuses on experiential stays and Scout My Trip, another startup which is into trip guidance for travellers.




I reached office and Akash was there already, “Dany come we have to finalize on certain things.”. I was like Okay, let me settle down first. Can’t tell that to him as I work for him. But then again at ONN Bikes we have a free culture which lets to talk what you feel like in a polished manner. Now the work started. Organizing bikes and charting the road map for the wayanad trip. Yes, we do things at the last moment. We are young and we can afford to make mistakes. Finally after 1500 hrs we decided to go pick up the bikes from the various stations. We needed 8 Royal Enfields. We took a car, the car could pack only 4 plus the driver. We managed to squeeze in 6 plus the driver in the car. We reached the hub station and we were waiting for the bikes. Four bikes were there at the station the rest 2 were out. We decided to bring the 4 bikes which were available at the station to the starting point. Now “Bangalore traffic” was setting in. The best way is to sit in the back of a cab, a rickshaw or cling near the door of the BMTC buses. Now we had bikes which was the next best thing. We reached the starting point and found that it was flooded due to the heavy rain the previous day. We decided to change the starting point to my house. We managed to bring 3 bikes to my house, we fueled them and kept it ready. Now one of the person who came with us to pick the bikes went missing. He was following us till the apartment complex gate. We tried to call him on his cell phone but it was switched off. We had no other means to contact him. This is when things start to go off track. Finally after 10 mins we called our hub station which was near my house and the station crew answered the call, “Hello Dany, I got lost.” This is when we realised that our colleague went to our hub station to charge his phone to call us.


Finally I asked my friends to leave and went to the hub station. I reached the hub station and within 5 minutes all the remaining vehicle arrived. Now as it is in Bangalore the weather turned on us. “Akash Calling” my phone started ringing. “Bro, it started raining here. We are stuck on the flyover.” Now this is when you have to decide on whether to fuel the bikes immediately or later. I had two option, one was to fill the fuel now before parking it at my apartment, or to fuel it after the rain stops. I opted for the later. The rain started, I wasn’t raining like a normal shower, it was literally pouring. I waited for 1 hours still the rain had no plans of stopping. Finally I had one option left, the petrol station closes at 2230 hrs and without the fuel the whole trip would be a disaster. I asked the station crew to take one bike each and follow me the petrol station. They were all game for it. When we were about to leave one of the Royal Enfields which we were to take for the trip started leaking fuel from the carburetor. Now we had to arrange an alternative vehicle and that would take time. I was trying my contacts to arrange another Royal Enfield Thunderbird as the blogger specified that he wants to ride a Thunderbird. After 10 minutes i got a call from the colleague saying that one Thunderbird is available at HSR and he can arrange for it to be brought to the station once the rain stops. That will take a long time for sure, the rain had no plans of stopping. One of the station crew called his friend who owns a repair shop and told him that he is bringing the bike for repair, it was close to 21:45 hrs. He took the bike in the rain and I was super impressed. He went out of his ways to help me in that situation.


My task was still pending, fueling the bikes. The station crew were ready to take the bikes in the rain, fuel them and drop it at the starting point. We started for the hub station, the fueling station was 1 KM from the hub station. It was pouring, we reached the fueling station and we were dripping wet. We fueled the bikes and I was relieved. I told them that now we can wait for the rain to reduce and then go to the starting point. They told me that, “ Dany, we are already wet. Lets finish this and then take rest.” We started from the fueling station and reached the starting point. I booked a cab for them and they left with a smile on their face. I would say if it wasn’t for those 6 people the trip would have been a disaster. I would not have fueled the bikes, the bikes would have had issues, but that wasn’t case. I respect each and everyone who were present that day to help me. A special mention to “Sunil” who was kind enough to make his friend repair the bike and give it back within 1 hour. Sunil reached the starting point around 23:00 hrs, and he was dripping wet and “Renjith” one of our station crew was there to take him back. I told him that I will drop him back home, he told me that it's raining and Renjith has come to drop him back home. I took the bike to the fueling station near Bommanahalli and fueled it and came back home. Again I was drenched. But the feeling you get when the odds are against you but still you managed to plough through was keeping me warm.


Wayanad On Wheels would have been a nightmare to me and my team. But we managed to stay on top of our game and made sure that everything was taken care of. All thanks to the wonderful team behind the curtain. I am so thankful to each and everyone who helped us in making Wayanad On Wheels a success.


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