Content Marketing - The Internet Era

February 7, 2017

Content marketing started in the early 18th century. Benjamin Franklin began publishing the journal Poor Richard’s Almanack to promote his print business back in 1732, Michelin launched the Michelin Guide back in 1900, and Jell-O began offering free copies of the Jell-O Recipe Book back in 1901. The fore-founders of content marketing had the right idea, offer engaging and useful content to the customers, which will in-turn boost the sales, grow the community and aid in increasing the brand loyalty.



We are in the 21st century, the internet era, this opens up a wide range of opportunities for content marketing, due to this the quality and reputation of content marketing fell drastically. In these recent years there was a drastic raise in the click-bait and self-promotional articles, instead of offering content which is of real value to the reader. This aids the reader to help himself/herself to the comfort of a well written piece of art, through which he/she can satisfy his/her needs.


How to provide more value to the reader, the kind of information which is most helpful to the reader especially after they have been guided through their journey.


In the 21st century, a good portion of the population have access to internet. They utilize internet in their own fashion, but anywhere you look in the internet content play a vital role. Content is king, let it be a simple text message, an email or the contents of a website, content is what engages the reader. This is why content remains the king in the internet. If a company wants to gain more customers or followers, they should concentrate a lot on their content. It should be in line with their type of business, which can be a product based or a service based.


Having good content helps in reaching 50% of the destination, the next 50% lies in how that content is utilized. Frequency and timing is very important. You should know your audience, what time they are available, this plays a vital role. Even if you have exceptional content, but you don’t have the right audience how will that help you grow your business? Right content, right timing and right frequency is a must for content handling. This if utilized properly, will boost your business in many ways. For more results it’s always best to keep the content simple, engaging and easy to understand, irrespective of the business you are in.


Knowing the right tools is also a very important aspect to give that boost to the business. Having the right tool gets things lined up to your advantage.

To provide a one point solution to all these, it is believed that content and its utilization should be in par with the business. This should be the guiding principle when the marketing strategy is developed, this ensures that the business gets its well-deserved boost.


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